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Around Gotanda with the Sony FX3



Since Storytelling bought the Sony FX3 as an add-on to the current lineup of Sony cameras (FX6, a7SIII), I thought it was a good idea to take it out for a night test. I did set up the camera at 3200 ISO to check the noise, and as Picture Profile I used the Sony SLOG-3. For the lenses, I wanted to go with mines (I know them well). Also, using APSC lenses with the movie setup crop sensor - even in FF - gave me a nice "in between" that resulted in a nice 2:1 frame crop, without sacrificing too much of the frame. I used mostly a Samyang 12mm at f4.0 for a large DoF and to keep everything in focus, and I alternated it with a Tamron 17-70 f2.8 for some zoom or close up. The FX3 was mounted on a DJI Ronin PRO, and this is where some problem started. Don't get me wrong: everything worked perfectly, I just missed the setup the first day (the FX3 is very light) so the balance was off. One of the "pro" guys in the company fixed it, and everything went pretty smooth after that. I had an idea in my mind, to mix images with motion graphics to create a hybrid video. While the first half is quite standard with some accelerations, stop and go and tracking, the second part required more planning. I shot a photo of every place that needed the 3D effect and I worked on every single photo making the 3D, matching lens focal length and motion. Well, no more talks and enjoy the video!




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